Writer’s Block – Version 1


According to Wikipedia, Writer’s Block is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work or experiences a creative slowdown. According to me, Writer’s Block is a condition, primarily associated with a day that ends in “y”, that really pisses me off and causes me to consume massive amounts of caffeine in an effort to stimulate my brain into creating something worthwhile that people will not become physically ill reading.

Slightly different take on the definition, but I think mine is closer to reality.

So why “Version 1” you ask? I’m smart enough to predict that this will NOT be the last time this happens to me, so rather than try to come up with creative titles to future writing, I can just change the version number. Pretty sneaky eh?

Spending a little bit of time on Google will show you that this is not at all an uncommon occurrence. There are many other articles on this subject, most of which I find fairly unhelpful. Rather than create another “self help” article on Writer’s Block (I also don’t have the answer to it), I figured I would take the opportunity to randomize my writing a bit. I might have a block of sorts on any one topic, but I can write little bits on many topics. So here we go…

  • Giving – try it. Give. Give to people, other companies, charities, whatever. It feels good. Give what you ask? Well, the easy answer would be to give money, but that’s too easy or maybe you don’t have any to give. So give your time and talent. I’m not saying that you should quit your job and give everything away – most of us have families to take care of, etc. But I also believe that most of us can squeeze some extra time out of our weeks and give more than we currently do. This may sound a bit preachy, but I also believe that over time you get back much more than you give. Think about it a little bit.
  • Wrigley Bleachers – OK, I had to say something. But the Cubs are killin’ me. Left field bleachers at Wrigley aren’t open until mid-May. Right field bleachers aren’t going to open until mid-June, which will then make the Left field bleachers really crowded. As a season ticket holder, it’s pretty frustrating. Nothing I can do about it, but had to “officially” complain about it, especially since the bleachers are the background image to this website.  🙂
  • Random Topics – Did you know that there is actually a website that generates random topics for you to write about? Why the Hell didn’t I think about that !?
  • Demoted – I have officially been demoted by American Airlines. I know you are all very sad to hear this, but for the last few years I had held the rank of Executive Platinum. That means that I used to that a**hole that stole the upgrades from the rest of you trying to get them using your upgrade coupons or miles. Yeah, that was me. Well, no more. As of 3/1/15 I am now “Gold” status, which means I hold the rank slightly ahead of baggage. At least I get to sit in the top part of the airplane. That’s the half-empty view. The half-full view is that I have been home a LOT more, which I know Trisha and the kids appreciate and I, of course, enjoy. No question, airline travel is a huge hassle nowadays so avoiding that weekly aggravation is a good thing. No clue what 2015 holds for me related to travel, so there’s a chance I could be demoted again next year. At that point, I might as well just show up in a dog crate and hope for the best.  🙂
  • Staying Involved – for those of you that know me personally, you know this is key for me. I’m cannot mentally afford to just watch Ellen reruns all day – must keep the brain rolling. So I keep myself involved in a variety of businesses and ventures. I really enjoy meeting new people, discussing their ideas, and figuring out how I can help out (or not). You never know unless you have the discussion, so the more discussions I have the better right? Sort of like a perpetual job search, but it works for me.

Well, I didn’t use the random topic generator website mentioned above, but those are my random topics du jour. Maybe the next time I sit in front of my laptop to write I won’t Writer’s Block. Or if I do, then it’s Version 2…

BTW – less than a month until MLB Opening Night at Wrigley!!  🙂

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