Why Not?

I could write a LOT about this subject, as it is something that I deal with, struggle with, and field questions about ALL the time. But for you benefit, I’ll do my best to keep it short.

There is a lot of unpleasant situations in the world right now – we all know that since our jacked up news “system” does its best to focus on it. There is war, famine, injustice, disease, and a laundry list of unhappy things happening out there.

What typically happens, from my experience, is that people get overwhelmed by all of it – fully confident that they cannot possibly have any impact on any of it. So they shut down and do nothing. They do their best to ignore it, but again, the news doesn’t really allow that – so they end up sort of existing with varying levels of guilt, which are easily dismissed by the abundance of evidence that they cannot help.

I challenge that line of thinking and state that there is something that ALL of us can do about EVERY one of the issues out there. Pick one, and I promise there is something you can do.

(OK, now that you think I am completely insane, I’ll go on.)

Following that misguided line of thinking, the counter argument that comes up is that many of these “unhappy” things are happening far, far away from us. Why should I try to help people in Africa, South America, China, India, Eastern Europe, or wherever. What about the people in the US or in my area?

To that, I say two things:

1 – Why Not?

2 – Go for it!

Let me hit the 2nd point first, as it’s the easiest. Most people that throw out that argument, just say that because it makes them feel better, yet they don’t do anything about it. But if they truly are helping people nearby or in the US, then great – God bless! But I’d bet a dollar that they are just blowing smoke and avoiding the real issue.

The 1st point is really the message here – and that is WHY NOT!?

I struggled this one with the work I am doing down in the Dominican Republic. For whatever reason, God took me there and inspired me to help out.

So again, WHY NOT?

They clearly need help – I have seen that with my own eyes. So why shouldn’t I help them if I have the ability to do that?

As the saying goes, the work is not going to do itself!

Here’s the bottom line folks:




No, you alone aren’t going to solve world hunger, but sitting around and passively observing the “unhappy” things out there is not very fulfilling is it?

I don’t care if you volunteer 4 hours a month. Just like in fundraising, what I always, always, always say;


Anything greater than zero is good!


Every hour you help or dollar you donate is an hour or dollar more than was there to help before.

Here is my Executive Summary:

  • Everyone has some capacity to help – talent or treasure.
  • EVERY little bit helps – you have to start somewhere!
  • If you ask yourself why – just follow that with why not?
  • The work isn’t going to do itself – step it up!

I promise – double-dog-dare promise – that the work you do will make a difference.

And if you need a reminder of the positive things going on in the world, your first step would be to turn off the news (any of them).


Good luck, and God bless!