Who Is Your Coach?


Do you have a coach? If not, why not? For what you ask? Well, that’s a very good question actually. Seems nowadays there is a coach for just about everything. Running coaches, fitness coaches, life coaches, business coaches, executive coaches, triathlon coaches – Heck, there are even sex coaches (don’t ask me – just Google it if you are really interested). I would even argue that a therapist is a coach – just a different type.

The term “coach” lately seems to be overused. Kinda like “cloud” if you are in the IT industry. So how to make sense of it all? It’s not realistic, or affordable to have a coach for every aspect of your life. And that’s not what I am suggesting.

Here’s my suggestion – retain a coach for what is really a priority for you at this time in your life. When that priority changes, change coaches. Pretty simple.

At one point, I was a triathlon guy – did Ironman and many other triathlons (expensive hobby, by the way). I was the fittest I ever had been in my life. I had a coach for that.   Probably saved me from killing myself ten times over with all the training that is involved for that. My point is that at that time in my life Ironman was really important to me so I reached out for help and was very thankful that I had it. I no longer do triathlons – therefore no more triathlon coach. That may sound like a “DUH” but many folks I have talked to think that coaching requires some long-term commitment. Nope – just hire them as you need them.

I know a lot of high-level executives that all have coaches. Why would someone WAY high up at a large organization need a coach? Well, nobody has all the answers and many times that coach can act as a sounding board for any big decisions that person has to make. Believe it or not, that can be a HUGE help – regardless of your level at the company.

You know what’s cool? Sometimes your company will pay for all or part of the coaching fee. I have seen that countless times – it really helps everyone involved. Nice to see companies investing in their employees that way.

Speaking of fees – what does it all cost? Well, to be honest, that’s all over the place. It can be hourly, monthly, or per “session”. It can also be done online/remote, via phone, or in person (my personal favorite).   I’ve been doing some Skype-based coaching as of late and that works out pretty well too. Something about being able to actually see the other person, even though they are remote, makes a big difference.

Which reminds me of another kind of coach – nutrition. Who doesn’t need one of those!?

There are some people that claim to be “un-coachable”. I don’t believe that to be honest. I have seen even some of the most stubborn people end up with a coach and be more successful because of it. So if you are reading this thinking I am completely crazy and you are “above” coaching – I respectfully disagree. Heck, even Tiger Woods has a coach.

So if you are drinking the coaching Kool-Aid, what is the right type of coach to use? Not sure I can answer that one, but back to my earlier point, think very clearly through what is a priority in your life right now and try to focus there. For me right now, it’s career – so I am working with someone to help me in that regard. Oh yeah, and a nutrition person. Like I said, who doesn’t need one of those!? What – beer isn’t a food group? 🙂

If possible, talk to your friends and/or co-workers for a referral. That’s the best way to find one.   I can probably recommend a couple if you need. And what’s great is once you get setup with a coach, they likely know other coaches so can help you in other areas if/when you need it.

The whole thing is really an investment in yourself, so don’t look at it as an “expense” per say. I have had HUGE success with coaches and would strongly encourage anyone to go that road.

So what are you waiting for? Get a coach!