What’s for Dinner?

OK – for those of you that follow me/read my stuff, you’ll know that I have been working very hard to be healthier over the last couple of years.  I wasn’t exactly starring in “My 600 Pound Life”, but I wasn’t modeling either.  That said, I have been reading, watching, consulting, and listening to a TON of information on health-related topics.  And no, not just “Dr Google”, as they call it – worked with Functional Doctors, Medical Doctors, Nutritionists, etc, etc.  Here is my finding, in a nutshell:


All kidding aside, it’s really true!  Best I can tell, here are my eating limitations:

  • NO GMOs
  • NO meat
  • NO dairy
  • NO gluten
  • NO sugar
  • NO processed foods
  • And, of course, if it makes it past all of those, Organic ONLY

Cost of groceries aside, that’s just plain HARD to do unless you plan to sit down to a bowl of steamed fresh grass clippings with a side of roasted tree bark for dinner.

And God forbid you want to go out to dinner!  Then, just ask for a salad, no croutons, no dressing, and maybe just sprinkle a lemon or two on there.

Now I could rant for many, many pages on this one, but I’ll spare you that for now and summarize kind of where I have landed, for now.

On the spectrum of 0=carnivore to 10=vegan, I would say I am about an 8.5.  Now, my vegan friends will tell you that I’m going to Hell for that, but I’m happy to debate that one with them all day long.  I have blogged about the “all or none syndrome” before, and likely will need to again assuming I get a few vegan flames about that position.

So why 8.5?  I have learned enough about meat and dairy to be very comfortable that no, we were not “intended” to eat meat and dairy is just bad for you any way you slice it.  You would think that would put me to a 10, or maybe an 11.  But I am also very pragmatic about the world we live in and our culture.  So that makes me 100% vegetarian (very easy), but about 85% vegan (very hard).

I am not going to yell at you if my veggies are grilling on the left side and your steak is grilling on the right side.  I’m not going to decline a veggie burger if the bun isn’t vegan (though I skip the cheese).  I also am the idiot orders the pizza without cheese, even though I know the crust isn’t vegan.

As far as sugar, I try to minimize it, but that’s also super hard (harder than vegan actually).  Processed foods I do my best to minimize.  Same with GMOs and to be honest, I have no gluten issues that I am aware of so screw that one.

Bottom line here folks is that I am doing my level best to eat healthier, but it is really, super, crazy hard.  But my health is worth the effort to me – I want to live to see another one of those damn eclipses and maybe be in the “path of totality”, as ominous as that sounds.

NOTE: If you try, for one second, to get between me and my coffee, I will stab you without hesitation – and then finish my coffee.  🙂