Video – A Requirement for Business

A picture is worth 1,000 words – we all know that one right?

Taking that analogy up a level then, how many words is a video worth?

Here is my Executive Summary for this post:


EVERY business needs video content to be successful in today’s rapid-fire, short-attention-span, online world.


Disclaimer: I do NOT have any financial interest in your business having more video – that is not my business so this is not an advertisement for my work. This is my opinion after working with many small businesses and seeing more video “in action”.

Just a couple more “technical” reasons to consider using video on your site:

  • It will increase your search engine ranking
  • Very easy to consume on a mobile device (vs text)
  • They are more likely to be shared (which is excellent for any business)

If you don’t believe me on those, then check your friend Mr. Google. I promise there are all sorts of statistics on those points, and I am not here to just regurgitate those to you.

I wanted to focus on a couple more “subtle” points though, that I feel very strongly about.

Convey Your Passion

Here’s the deal – even the best copywriters and infographics cannot convey passion with near the impact that video can. Especially if you are a services-based business, there is truly nothing better to convey what you do, how great you do it, and how passionate you are about it than video. Video captures the emotion, facial expressions, gestures, and true passion better than any other format – hands down. It’s really the next best thing to just being there and having a conversation with someone.

Think of it this way – it is the digital replacement to having a conversation with a prospective customer.

Sure, we’d all rather sit down over a cup of coffee to explain how our business is super awesome – but it is really hard to get that appointment and get that customer out of the office.

So what do you do?  Record a video and post it.

You can put it on your site, YouTube channel, or a link in an email.

Then the customer can view it at their leisure, wherever they may be, and can still see the passion, energy, and emotion that you are trying so desperately to convey to make your business stand out from the competition.

And if you are not trying to stand out, then you are really missing the boat.


Customer Stories

Better than any advertisement in the world is a customer success story. These are often called “testimonials”, but I am not a fan of that word – it’s too formal and stuffy.

What you are trying to do here is have one of your customers tell their story about the challenges they were having and then how you came in on your white horse and saved the world!

Again, doesn’t matter to me if you have the best copywriter out there – a video will do an infinitely better job of conveying the message.


Last point – and this is important.

When I say video, I do not mean to have your daughter hold your iPhone as steady as she can while you record your message.

Answer these two questions:

  • What is your business worth to you?
  • What do you want your customers perception of your business to be?

Is your business worth only an iPhone selfie-type recording? What does that tell your customer about your commitment?


And no, doing video the right way is not insanely expensive. And again, there are countless statistics about the ROI of this as well.


If you need some more specific suggestions, reach out to me and I can point you in the right direction.


Now quit jacking around and go make it happen!!!







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