It’s funny where my blog inspirations come from.  Sometimes I have to think pretty hard about my topic.  Tonight, it was pretty obvious – the above picture inspired me.  It’s the SnapChat post from my daughter – a picture she had us pose for (like 5 times I think) at the local eyeglass store.

For the record, “vesion” is supposed to be “vision” – but you probably already figured that out.

For whatever reason, Anna is dying to wear glasses.  She’s actually jealous that I need them (which is why we were at the store) and was begging me to buy some with clear lenses just for her.  I tried to explain to her that some day she’ll need them so be careful what you wish for.  I might as well have told that to the wall though.

So other than the obvious entertaining typo from my daughter, what’s the point of the post?  Really it’s her quote, that she said she made up.  I was pretty impressed by that, and also somewhat inspired.

I’m not going to get too “deep” here – so no need to dim the lights, light a candle, or smoke something funny (unless, of course, that’s your thing).  I just thought it was a pretty positive comment from my usually very sarcastic daughter – and one that I generally found motivating.  No, we don’t have bad vision as a family – I’m the only one right now that needs glasses.  But we do have a pretty good outlook I think.

Our neighbor’s daughter comes over all the time, mainly because her and Anna are friends – but I also think she’s pretty entertained at our interesting family discussions.  They are certainly not the “norm”, but generally interesting and can be fairly lively.  I think she appreciates that – and I know it makes me smile too.

What’s my point here?  “Vesion” aside, I think we could all probably take a lesson from Anna and work on our outlook.  I know I need an adjustment from time to time.  And Anna just gave me one.

If you have bad vision like me, then all the better.  🙂

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