So here’s the deal – I will trade you. What do I want?  Simple – just sign up for my blog site email list.  

No, I do not sell the list.  No, I do not share the list.  No, the black helicopters will not start circling your house (they are busy at my house).  

Yes, you will get an email when I post a blog.  Easy as that.  

What do you get in return?  Good question.  

You get an electronic version of my new ebook titled “Aging Parents – Be Prepared” that you can download, read, and then tell me how life-changing it is.

Wait – what!?  I wrote a book?!  Did you miss the memo?

You will not find this on Amazon or the New York Times Best Seller List.  It is a topic that I am fairly passionate about, so took the time to write up my thoughts on it and worked with my buddy Dean (D2 Design) to make it prettier than your average blog entry.  

So email for ebook is the deal on the table. I believe it is a fair trade.  

And if you are already registered for my site, I will be emailing you a link.  That said, I would appreciate your sharing this post.

Thank you.  And as always, I appreciate your feedback.