The Scale Factor – Fundraising Edition

Most people I know like to do good things for people – help those that need help.  That help comes in many, many forms – making a financial donation (church, scouts, fundraising event, homeless person, etc.), volunteering somewhere, or donating some of your “stuff” (Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc).  Those are all very common ways to help people and are all super cool.

Anyone has the ability to be very effective at any of those options.  You can volunteer a bunch, donate a lot of money, or give away a lot of “stuff”.  Again, all great things to do and all should be commended for doing any of that.

A concept I’d like to introduce is one that I have spoken about on the business side of things, but I think applies in the non-profit world as well.  The concept is “The Scale Factor” and it is how you can grow your financial impact exponentially.  There is a magic ingredient that can turn your donations into something much larger.

That magic ingredient is TIME!

Joe’s magic formula for fundraising success is:  Dollars + Time = Greater Impact

If you are a math nerd like me, then it is Dollars + Time >>>> Dollars

Why “>>>>”?  Because is it WAY greater than just Dollars.  I realize that is not an official math construct, but it gets the point across.

Donating a lot of money is great and if more people did more of that, then of course, more people could be helped.  But what if those people also spent their time organizing a fundraising effort?  That $1,000 donation + time around the fundraising effort as well will ALWAYS turn into a much larger number.

So the second magic ingredient to this fundraising scale factor is TEAM!

When people form a team, their donation always, always, always grows exponentially.

This is not something new – I cannot patent this idea.  Most non-profits I work with are pushing the team side of things very, very hard.  Because it works.

I am pressing you on the individual side of things though.  And here’s my message:

If you REALLY want to make a difference, don’t just write a check, double or triple down and donate your time as well.

Dollars + Time >>>> Dollars

I have been a Team Captain for many moons, and I can tell you first hand that it takes a lot of time to do that – and patience.  It is also, however, incredibly rewarding.  I highly recommend taking the time (there is that word again) to do it.  You will not regret the time you put into it.  Not only will you find great personal satisfaction in doing this, but you will have scaled your donation into something MUCH larger, thereby helping more people, thereby much more personal satisfaction.

Get it now?

Making a donation feels great – everyone should do it.

Being a team captain feels great too – also highly recommended.

But donating and forming a team to exponentially increase your fundraising impact – THAT feels exponentially better than just writing a check.

The Scale Factor – TIME is the magic ingredient to fundraising success and truly making a difference.

Make it happen people!


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