The Postseason


OK – so you knew that it was inevitable that I write about my lovable Cubbies at some point right?  🙂  But who would have predicted that I would be using the words “Cubs” and “Postseason” in the same sentence?  Of course, now that I just said that in public and in print, it won’t happen – I just officially jinxed it right?

As I write this, even though the Cubs have lost the last 4 straight games, the Cubs are currently 4.5 games ahead of the Giants for the 2nd Wildcard spot.  So if the season ended today, the Cubs would play a 1 game “playoff” against the Pirates to see who had the privilege of getting their asses handed to them by the Cardinals.  Even though the Wildcard game is technically the Postseason, that game would be played in Pittsburgh based on their current records.  Which, of course, means I need to make a road trip to Pittsburgh and probably pay too much for nosebleed seats to watch my Cubbies.  So do I pull Evan from school for that road trip?  Cubs aren’t exactly in the Postseason very often.  Hmmmm….

So many decisions to hopefully make eh?  Well, one more decision I get to make it as a Cubs season ticketholder is whether to pony up for Postseason Cubs tickets or not.  I know, like there’s much of a decision there.  Like duh – I’ll be ponying up of course.  I’ve learned a few things though with this Postseason teasing the Cubs are currently giving us.  One is that Bleacher seats are NOT “general admission” (aka – open seating) during the Postseason.  They are assigned.  Interesting, since there aren’t row or seat numbers in the bleachers – at least not that I’ve seen.  Sounds like someone has a weekend project coming up here.  Better fire up that label maker!  The other thing I learned about my Cubbies is that it’s an “all or none” approach to Postseason tickets.  So you don’t buy your tickets per series, as I was guessing.  You buy them ALL now – every possible home game – and then at the end of the season you get a refund for what home games they didn’t play (or can credit towards next year’s season ticket bill).  In theory, I could end up paying for 11 games (max possible home games) and the Cubs play NONE (if they lose in Pittsburgh) – at which point I’m basically given the Ricketts a 3 month interest free loan.  And no, playoff tickets, even in the bleachers, are not cheap.  Seems like a bit of a scam to me to be honest, but they kinda have me by the short hairs so what is a diehard fan to do but pony up for the Postseason.

I have to be honest, even if the Cubs blow it in September, like they have been known to do, and don’t make the Postseason – it IS still pretty exciting to even be having this conversation.  It’s the first time in a long time that it has even been a factor so I’m pretty happy about that.  I’m already doing Google Maps from South Elgin to Pittsburgh to see just how long a drive it’s going to be for that Wildcard game.  I’d buy an airline ticket, but it’s WAY too early to know a) if they’ll make it and b) where the game will be.  Then imagine IF they win in Pittsburgh and we end up playing in St. Louis.  How many of those games can I make it to?  Or more accurately, how many can I afford to go to.  🙂

Again, it’s pretty exciting to be even thinking about stuff like this.  I’ll figure out a way to afford the Postseason and spend the time in the car to Pittsburgh.  Such are the things that diehard fans do.  I hope to have a reason to write more about this subject in October.  Either that, or my end of September post will be recounting how the Cubs collapsed and blew it.

Fingers crossed!


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