Take a Break

Maybe a month or so ago, I took a “break” from Facebook.  Too much “noise”, too many emotions, just too much garbage.  I couldn’t take it anymore.  So I deleted the apps from all mobile devices and removed the bookmarks from my laptop.  I didn’t delete the account (I didn’t go completely insane) – just needed a break.

I’m writing to tell you that I would STRONGLY suggest trying that out.  Even if it’s just a week.  I think my break was a couple weeks.

The obvious question then is “why?”

Basically, it allowed me to realize what was important to me on Facebook (including who) and what really needed to go. We are all peppered pretty much non-stop with friend and page requests, not to mention the games, and opinions of friend of friends, etc.  It can very easily get to be way too much very quickly – at least for me.  So when I came back, I did some “cleanup” to make the Facebook experience much more enjoyable for me.

It is my humble opinion that Facebook is great for mostly friends and family, non profits, clubs, etc.  I don’t even mind the targeted ads, as “big brother” as they may seem.  What I expressly ignore now is all the political stuff.  Facebook doesn’t do a good job of allowing you to do that (there is no incentive for them to anyway), so I use Google Chrome as my browser and an add-on called “Social Fixer”.  That blocks like 95% of anything that even smells political.  Amazing. Try it – you won’t be disappointed.

I’m honestly not sure why people post political stuff all over Facebook, but that is an appropriate topic for maybe another blog post.

Bottom line is that the Facebook break allowed me to refocus on what was important to me and eliminate a lot of crap.  It has made it a much more tolerable experience for me overall. I still prefer Twitter, but at least my time on Facebook now doesn’t cause my head to explode.

For what it’s worth, I would give it a try.  Heck, maybe you’ll end up blocking me after that!


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