Someone Else Will Dress Me?!

Yes, this blog post is about the “R” word (Religion) – one of the three things I am not EVER supposed to talk about, if you believe conventional wisdom.  But as I have stated many times, rule following is not a strength of mine, so here we go…

BEFORE YOU READ THIS BLOG, PLEASE READ THIS (it is what I am referring to in this blog – very short read)

John 21:18 – “Someone else will dress you and lead you where you do not want to go.”

That short “meditation” is all about that quote.  I have to admit, that I am always impressed at how much can be written about one verse in the bible.  I have seen that in some bible studies that I have attended as well.  Amazing.

Anyway, the meditation talks about people going through life with various disabilities and what does that mean as it relates to God, his plan, bringing glory to God, etc.  I find it more than just coincidence that in going through Mom and Dad’s stuff tonight (yes, I am still doing that) I came across the medical report from 05/28/79 where my Mom was officially diagnosed with MS.  I would normally say “stumbled into” the report, but I have to believe it may have been more than that.

So, without getting too emotional here, the meditation really spoke to me having grown up with a Mom with MS and really struggling with the “why” side of that.  When people used to mention “God’s plan”, I have to be honest and say that comment used to piss me off – sounded like an excuse.  And while I remain less than pleased that Mom had MS, I cannot deny that many, many positive things resulted from that.  I have spoken about that a number of times, so don’t think I will rehash that now.  It is really hard to admit that perhaps my Mom having MS was a “net positive”.  Not sure I have reconciled that yet – but it sure seems that way.

So do I thank God for this “blessing”?  Mom?  Dad?  All of the above?  Ugh – need to noodle that one a bit.

I believe that all of us, religious or not, can benefit from the perspective stated in this meditation.  Don’t focus on the disability – focus on what good people are doing with it.  If you sit down and really think about that, it is truly amazing.  ANY disability can be turned into something positive, and I would bet that we have all seen it done many times.

I suppose the last quote in the meditation wraps it up nicely: “…like Paul, we will be focusing not on what we can’t do, but on what God can do in us”.

That one is pretty self-explanatory I think.  Focus on the positive, not the negative.  We all have limitations – get over it and focus on what you can do.

As I have heard before, “quit your bitchin”.

Not exactly your typical end to a religious discussion eh?

Probably why my Dad was in the seminary, not me.  🙂

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