Religious “Points”

Someone, who will remain anonymous, shared a VERY interesting religious-based “theory” (or doctrine, belief, or whatever you want to call it) with me that I sparked some interesting thoughts, probably just because my brain is a bit on the “warped” side.  So here’s what was explained to me:

Every time you go to confession, mass, or communion, you get “points” that you can use when you get to heaven.  When asked what specifically those points are used for, the theory quickly gets very vague.  But if you subscribe to that theory, then the incentive to go to mass, confession, or communion is pretty clear.  I suppose they are like “frequent God” points, or something like that.

So that got me thinking, possibly due to my sleep-deprived state – maybe that theory is just what we need to make various religions more “accepting”.   While this theory was new to me, and very vague, let’s combine it with the following two generally accepted approaches:

1 – Compensation Drives Behavior
2 – Creating friendly competition between groups can improve performance of all groups involved

So what we would have is people of all religions trying to accumulate as many points as possible over their lifetime – again, assuming they can be used in the afterlife.   I think we would have to engage NATO or the UN or something like that to administer and manage this point system across religions.  They would then determine what activities warranted various point levels for the different religions.  So Catholics have communion, but Judiasm does not, so they’d have to figure out a corresponding activity for those points.  Maybe a trip to Mecca for Muslims is the equivalent of a tour of the Vatican for Catholics?  Do Priests or Rabbis get as pass on this?  Or just extra points?  Like flying First Class you get 1.5 times the frequent flyer miles – maybe they get points PLUS a percentage?

I suppose a potential downside might be deducting points as well.  So skipping Church on a Sunday causes you to lose points, but not as many as you would lose if you skip Christmas or Easter.   Do Jews lose points for not lighting the right candle on the menorah during Hanukkah?  If Muslims sneak a donut during a required fast, they probably lose some points there.  -5 points for a donut, maybe -50 for a full porterhouse steak?

Wow – lots of rules and levels here to think about.  Can’t be any more complex than the US Federal Tax Code though eh?  Maybe this opens the possibility of religious “audits”?

I suppose a potential downside would be you would need to worship something/someone, or how else do you accumulate points?  Not sure how to solve the atheist challenge then.  Maybe volunteer hours donated?

I guess you’d also have to believe that there IS actually an afterlife otherwise what’s the point of accumulating points.  Kinda like paying for an affinity card with an airline but never flying.


If it worked out though, and all religions are working for points, it would create more friendly competition as opposed to the other “team” is evil?  My Jewish friends could mock me for having less points then them as opposed to calling me an idiot for believing in Jesus?  Maybe less offensive that way?

The answer to World Peace?  Not so sure about that yet.  But maybe we should promote it.  I’m going to register www.pointsfortheafterlife.com right NOW!  J

And yes, I’ll be consulting a therapist about this, as that is clearly needed…

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