Religious Points – Part Deux

(This is comedy – if you get upset, please punch yourself very hard)

(This is a follow on to my original post about a religious points-based system to help bring religions together.  If you haven’t read it yet, click HERE – it’s not long)

OK, following on to my post about a United Nations-organized religious points-based system for World Peace, I figured it out now.  The ULTIMATE incentive to get people to be more spiritual and encourage each other to do it as well.  Ready for it?  Are you sitting down?  Ready for your mind to be blown?  Or maybe incredibly offended?


Yep, you heard that right – a “pyramid” for points in the afterlife!  This is the time-tested approach of a pyramid “scheme” where if you recruit people to be on your religious points “team”, you get some credit for their points.  Then they form a team and get credit, so you get more credit.  It’s freakin’ GENIUS!!

Everyone will be wanting religious points and encouraging others to be more spiritual as well.  Points will be flying all over the place and everyone will be happy!  Right?

I suppose a downside might be more people knocking on your door for religious reasons instead of girl scout cookies.  Will have to think about that.

There is still the issue of those pesky atheists too.  Haven’t figured that one out yet.  I’ll get my best people on it though!

Do I now get the ultimate points for creating this plan?  Or does that just guarantee my fast path to Hell?  You decide…


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