Pulling the Suitcase

One thing I have been working REALLY hard on since the family returned from vacation last year is losing weight AND becoming healthier overall.  I’m not going to write in incredible detail on what I have been doing specifically (not yet, anyway), but I gained some perspective recently that I wanted to share.

Since vacation at the end of last year, I have lost 55 pounds.  YAY me right?  When I took a trip to San Francisco a couple weeks back, the large bag I checked in for my luggage was 49 pounds.  BIG black suitcase that barely made the cutoff before I got charged extra.  Whew!

The perspective that hit me is that I have successfully eliminated an entire large, black suitcase of weight off of my body (plus 6 pounds, which is about a gallon of water).

I’m sorry, but HOLY SH**!! 

That means that the next time I’m riding my bike up a hill (hopefully soon), I will NOT be pulling a suitcase and a gallon of water along with me.  I’m not suggesting I will be winning races anytime soon, but perhaps I won’t be near death when I reach the top of the hill?

So if you want to experience “Joe as a cyclist” in 2016, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Grab a large suitcase and fill it up to 49 pounds. Doesn’t matter what you put in it.  Dirty underwear, jeans, towels, etc.
  2. Fill up a gallon jug with water
  3. Grab a roll or two of duct tape and strap that suitcase to your back securely
  4. With duct tape or rope, tie up that gallon jug of water too. Make sure it’s snug so it doesn’t sway around and pull you over.
  5. With all of that secure, hop on your bicycle and go for a ride.
  6. For scientific reasons, wear a heart rate strap and measure your heart rate a) before you add the weight, b) after you add the weight, c) just riding around the neighborhood, and d) at the top of the nearest decent incline
  7. If you survive this experiment, please report your results.

55 down – another 35 to go.  I will report back after my next hill climb on a bicycle…

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