Post Trip Commentary

Nothing like a trip to California to “inspire” me for random commentary based on the various experiences that travel, a conference, and all things related presents.  So for your entertainment, here we go…

  • I have had this conversation with many people, but why is it that the more expensive the hotel, the more they nickel and dime you for everything? I paid $269/night at a hotel, but internet was like $13/day, parking was $72/night, breakfast would have been at least $15/day, etc.  But if I found a hotel for $100/night, typically internet is included, often times breakfast as well.  Maybe parking too.  How does that work?  Pay less, get more?  How do they actually make money?
  • If you are having a conference call or any level of group meeting over lunch, do NOT cater in bags of chips. I used have this issue a lot when “lunch and learns” were super popular.  Chips and conference calls are a super bad combination.  Recently, I also experienced some idiot that was chomping on baby carrots next to me as well.  Not the most quiet food to eat in a group setting and you are trying to pay attention.  He didn’t seem to care at all, strangely enough.  And no, I did not punch him, though I will admit that desire was there.
  • WTF is up with Downtown San Francisco!? If you want a bag for anything, there is a fee for that.  Doesn’t matter how much you spend or how much stuff you have – charge per bag.  $.10 at Burger King (sure, I’ll just take those 3 burgers and 2 fries in my pockets – morons)  $.25 at the airport and Walgreens.  The airport one is really annoying since it’s pretty unlikely I’m going to have an extra bag with me as I’m freakin’ getting on an airplane.  That’s just extortion really.  However, I can take all the napkins I want – fists full – no charge for that.  Help me with the environmental impact there?
  • When you are sitting in a conference session, and you should know that all of the presentations will be available for download, why do people take pictures of many of the slides? Is it a race to post it on Social Media somewhere?  Why not just download them and then share?  Do you get extra points to show you were actually in the room?
  • Ok – this one is a bit odd, but here it is. Bought some new underwear, and what I failed to notice is the super small “inspected by” dots that were apparently placed on the inside of the underwear.  You can imagine where they both ended up, which was really odd to notice.  That aside, what is the point of two super small inspected by dots at all, especially on the inside?  Should I feel better that my “stuff” will be much safer now as someone eyeballed the inside of my underwear?  I really don’t understand that one at all.  Looking back, the dot “discovery” was pretty funny though.

All for now – back to work…

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