Physical Therapy

Maybe I’m a little bit slow to figure this one out, so I apologize if I am late to the party here and everyone else knows this but me. But I just had this realization:

The ONLY reason that Physical Therapy exists is because people are lazy.

There, I said it. Let the haters hate and the flaming emails start to fly.

Think about it though – after whatever procedure you have (I just had one), do you really need someone to babysit you through some subtle movements three times per week for 6 weeks? With the printed instructions that they provide as well as the video instruction that they also provide, do you really need to spend the time with someone to watch you do whatever it is that they ask you to do?

There are only two reasons that I can think of that this would be required:

1 – You are not the sharpest tool in the shed
2 – You are lazy

I suppose a third option might be “all of the above”.

Does insurance really need to be billed around $400 for a 45-minute visit, of which probably two-thirds of which was a massage? I can get one heck of a massage (yes, the legal kind) for that kind of money.

Have you noticed that physical therapy places are popping up almost as fast as mattress stores? Why do you think that is? Is it because there are a bunch of altruistic people that just want to help you feel better?

Ummmmm…..nope.  It’s a cash cow – plain and simple.

But putting the conspiracy theory stuff aside, I go back to my original question – do you really need to have a 45-minute babysitting session 18 different times over 6 weeks? I’m sorry, but that is just silly.

At most, once a week is reasonable – no more. 15-20 minutes – 30 minutes tops – to show me what I need to do. Then I have the online videos to point to if I need help.

Basic stuff people – not rocket science.

And if you don’t do the exercises, it’s your own damn fault if you hurt.

I’ll let you know how the call with my PT folks goes Monday when I explain what my new schedule will be.