No Talent

OK – so this list is NOT something I created – you have likely seen this floating around the internet. “Ten Things That Require No Talent”

I did add some color commentary below – more than just the short bullet points you typically see. Before I do that though, I do have one very important thing to add to this list – CONSISTENCY. In my opinion, doing any/all of the below items consistently is really how you can differentiate yourself. And no, you do not need talent for consistency either, so it fits under the same umbrella.

If you are inconsistent with any of these items, it really diminishes their value very quickly. Being on time is great, but if you aren’t consistently on time, then nobody is going to call you a timely person. Same with attitude – if you are inconsistent with your attitude, nobody will know what to expect and will likely not want to work with you. I think you get the point.

I would submit that this list should be renamed – let’s call it: “Ten Things You Should Do Consistently That Require No Talent” – or something like that.

  1. Be On Time – With very little effort and a touch of planning, this is super easy. No excuse for consistently being late – for anything.
  2. Work Ethic – Key to what you are doing is a solid work ethic – whatever you do has value and builds character – you need to believe that.
  3. Effort – Putting a solid effort into whatever you do takes ZERO talent – everyone is capable of this all the time.
  4. Body Language – Even if you love what you do, if your body language is poor, you will be perceived negatively – be aware of the “vibe” you are giving off.
  5. Energy – Come to whatever task is in front of you full of energy and ready to go.
  6. Attitude – Attitude is everything – doesn’t matter how good or productive you are – if you have a bad attitude nobody wants to work with you.
  7. Passion – Passion is contagious. If you exhibit passion for what you are doing, others will catch on and the entire team benefits.
  8. Being Coachable – Nobody is perfect – allow yourself to be taught and guided by those with more experience.
  9. Doing Extra – If you are asked to do X, then you should strive to do 2X. Over time that will be noticed – and takes no more talent.
  10. Being Prepared – There is really no reason at all to not be at least somewhat prepared for what you need to do.

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