My Words are My Own

(rant on)

I have to get this one off my chest before I stuff my head in the wall.

Why, in God’s creation, do people feel compelled to put “my words are my own”, or something to that effect, in their social media profiles!?

The “PC” side of it is to make sure people don’t misinterpret their words as speaking for the company they work for.

But really!? Are people really that stupid that they need that reminder?! It’s like putting the words “contains nuts” on a bag of peanuts. If you eat a bag of peanuts and do not realize they are nuts, maybe that is just Darwin at work.

Back to social media. Come on folks – please, for one brief moment, put your heads on straight, open your eyes, take a deep cleansing breath, and think about this for just a minute.

Unless your social media name has your employer name in it OR you are in the general media business (reporter, news anchor, radio personality, etc), then if someone thinks that your writing is in anyway approved by, reflective of, or condoned by your employer, then … wait for it … here it comes …


And, I might add, deserve any stress they create for themselves for thinking that.

If your social media name is boring like mine (first name, last name), or maybe “iamjohnny” or “lovedacubs” or something like that, if you see a post from that person, who the f**k else do you think wrote that?  It is clearly their account, regardless of who they work for.

Now, if your social media name is something like “microsoftjimmy” or “billhomedepot”, then guess what, it might be employer related or controlled.

Is it really that hard to understand folks? Seriously!? Don’t make me spell it out again.

OK – I will. Here’s the rule to follow:

IF the employer name is in the social media id somewhere, or even the description, or maybe they use the logo for it, then guess what?  It’s employer related. If not, then it’s THEIR words.

Pretty easy eh?

So knock off the “my words are my own” crap folks. I really don’t think people are that stupid. At least, I pray they aren’t.

And yes,



(rant off)