Meet Cool People

This one will be a quickie, but I wanted to mention it as it’s something that I notice and experience all the time. Here’s the observation:


If you volunteer on a semi-regular basis, I can 100% guarantee that
you will meet some really, really cool people.


I speak from experience here – this is not just a theory. And I’m not saying that everyone that volunteers is amazing, but I can say with confidence that if you do volunteer often the odds of you meeting some great folks goes up exponentially.

I have not done my research on this one for any sort of scientific answer to the obvious “Why?” question, but I have to believe that unless the volunteer time is court-ordered (which does happen), in general the people that take the time to volunteer are pretty cool. They generally just want to help people, and if you are in that environment for a few hours, it’s pretty hard to end up less happy than when you started.

Many, many more times than I can count I have entered a volunteer time maybe not in the best of moods, and always leave in a much more positive spirt. That is a combination of the great feeling you get from helping others as well as being surrounded by lots of great people that like to do the same thing. It’s a guaranteed mood boost!

So, here is Joe’s tip of the day:

Make the time to volunteer on a regular basis and one or maybe all of these will happen:

  1. You will meet some really great people
  2. You will leave the experience in a much better mood
  3. You may be “that cool person” that someone else meets


So get off your butts and go volunteer!