Medical Alert


OK – so my neck hurts – like a LOT.  This blog is NOT to whine about that constantly.  If you want that, just call up my wife.  🙂

Whenever you injure yourself, you always learn just how important that specific body part is to your day to day function.  Something as simple as jamming your finger.  Makes it hard to put a shoe on – your belt – pick your nose.  🙂  What about stubbing your pinky toe.  Bet you didn’t think you really needed that – until you injured it.  Hard to do LOTS of things with a busted up pinky toe.

Anyway, as I am currently “neck challenged”, I figured I would share, as a public service announcement, all the ways that I have learned you can aggravate a neck injury.  I’m not sure that there is enough storage on this website to cover them all, so I’ll hit the highlights.

Some (NOT all) of the ways I have aggravated my sore neck (so far):

  • Jeep 4×4 tour of an island (super bad idea)
  • Doing a handstand in the pool (another bad idea)
  • Sleeping with too many pillows
  • Sleeping with not enough pillows
  • Typing on a computer for more then 2.5 minutes
  • Watching TV (unless you are wearing a neck brace)
  • Looking up to get a shirt off of a hangar
  • Checking your blind spot while driving
  • Looking down to pee at the trough at Wrigley (guys only here, I hope)
  • Turning back to check out the hot girl that walked past you (sorry Trisha)
  • Banging your head on the headrest in the car to the beat of the music (yes, stupid)
  • Carrying a backpack full of $10,000 of electronics on one shoulder
  • Nodding off on the Metra train on the way home (rough way to wake up)
  • Jumping out of your seat in the bleacher to yell at the umpire.  Yes, he’s about 368 feet from the bleachers, but I KNOW he can hear me complaining!
  • Not predicting that when my daughter comes up behind me that she’s going to hang on my neck to tell me she loves me.  Yes, that pain was worth it.  🙂

Go ahead and print this out.  Get a doctor to sign it and circle one, or many of them, and use it as a permission slip to get out of work, gym class, the health club, house chores, etc.

You are welcome…

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