Look in the Mirror

When is the last time you looked at yourself, professionally, in the mirror?

(Yeah, that’s a bit of an odd question I’ll admit, so let me explain)

It is pretty easy to get very caught up (I might even use the word “lost”) in our careers, what we are doing professionally, where we are headed, and basic day-to-day “execution” of whatever it is that we do. We all do it, so don’t feel singled out if you are that person. I am as well, so maybe we can form a support group or something.  🙂

It is tremendously helpful to look at yourself, professionally, in the mirror. What I mean by that is to reflect a bit on what you are doing, why you are doing it, where are you headed, and how do you plan to get there. All very good questions, and very important to ask every once in a while. The point, of course, is to question these things to make sure that you are headed in the right direction that is helping you achieve your goals. This is not just a validation exercise to make yourself feel better. You do this to truly question where you are at and does anything need to change.

That said, this mirror-looking reflection thing is also incredibly hard to do on your own. Not just a little bit hard – but super hard. Why is that? Because, by definition, you are biased. In doing this, you are in essence being asked to judge yourself and possibly call yourself out on a bad decision made, poor direction taken, or maybe even just unclear direction.

If you can do this on your own, God bless you – you are the exception, not the rule.

My suggestion, hire someone to do this.

And no, this is not where I pitch you on my special this month for career consulting services. 🙂

And no, do not ask a friend or family member to do this either. Because guess what – they are biased too, by definition. Not their fault. If you did that, you would be putting them in a potentially difficult position. “Hey Bill, can you please meet with me and tell me why I am an idiot?” I am exaggerating there, of course, but I think you get the point. And while your spouse might find calling you an idiot somewhat enjoyable, it isn’t usually received all that well.  J

There are plenty of qualified and experienced people out there that specialize in this kind of thing. The titles “coach”, “mentor”, and “counselor” are tossed around a bunch and are pretty much overused. I would ignore the title, and focus more on their experience and services that they offer overall.

Also, it is not likely a one-time meeting – so be prepared. It would be pretty tough to paint your full professional picture and get feedback in one meeting. So I would plan on at least a couple meetings to make some progress.

I would argue that whatever you pay for that service will pay for itself tenfold as the earlier you can make any course correction needed, the better that will be for you, your family, and your career.

Last point, do not make this a “one and done” event either. You don’t need to meet with this person every week necessarily, but a couple times a year, or even annually, is definitely something to consider.

Enough of my rambling – go have a look in that mirror!!


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