Live Dangerously

OK folks – wanted to share this one with you, since I have been really impressed by it on a consistent basis. Which sadly these days is pretty rare.

What is this “thing” I am referring to?  It’s a Podcast actually – and a very interesting one – every one of the episodes.

WARNING – if you have sensitive ears or put yourself in the “snowflake” category, or need your own “safe space”, then please do not read any further or you will hate me forever.

The Podcast is called “Dangerous Thinkers” and you can find it HERE. Teri O’Brien is the host and she not only does a really nice job with this podcast, but has interviewed some very interesting people as well including Alan Dershowitz, Matthew Barber, Andrew McCarthy, and Burgess Owens.

My favorite recent episode is titled: “Attention Snowflakes: How to be a Successful Social Justice Warrior”.  Definitely check that one out.

She also has a site – http://teriobrien.com/ and a YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/theteriobrienshow) if you get hooked, like I did.

And no, she is not paying me for this blog.  This is a legit recommendation, not a late-night paid advertisement on TV.  🙂

Enjoy folks!!


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