Just Think


OK – that’s a huge exaggeration, but I said it to make a point and grab your attention. I think the truth is that most, not all, people do not truly think, at least not often enough.

OK yes, you have to think to survive (not really difficult thinking) and sure, there is some thinking involved in your job I am certain. While the job-focused thinking is more challenging than survival thinking, it’s still a very distracted thinking.

What I think everyone (yes, everyone) needs is more real thinking.

So what is “real” thinking right?

It is truly focused thinking without distraction, interruption, preferably quiet if at all possible. I would also advocate for a reasonable amount of time – even just 10-15 minutes is fine.

While prayer or meditation are certainly helpful in this regard, they are not required. So do not disqualify yourself if you are a “prayer” or “meditater” – no worries.


Here is Dr. Joe’s prescription:

  • 10-15 minutes, at least once daily
  • Comfortable chair (inside or out)
  • As quiet as possible (nature sounds are fine)
  • ZERO distractions – no electronic devices, music, kids, neighbors, emails, monitors in front of you, notepads, etc
  • Cup of coffee, tea, water is just fine (no alcohol)
  • Do this – just sit and DO NOTHING
  • All sorts of thoughts, ideas, fears, emotions, etc will pop up. That’s fine – let them come. They will quiet/slow over time.
  • Do not write things down, take notes, or record anything.
  • Just sit, and again, DO NOTHING.


Pretty easy “doctor” order right? And, the best part, is it’s FREE!

What is the point of all of this? Two things:

  1. Give Your Brain a Break – Our brains are never really at rest. There is always something spinning around in there – good, bad, and ugly. For me, this quiet time allows my brain to “catch up” (not really possible, but helps settle the noise)
  2. Gain Focus and Clarity – Since there is so much “clutter” in our brains all the time, I have found that this 10-15 minutes helps me gain some clarity on the truly important things and allows me to better focus on them.


Now, admittedly, I am not a PhD, Doctor, or trained professional on the brain. So, if you think I am crazy, just Google this (“benefits of quiet time”) and you will find plenty of writing on that. To make it easier for you, just click HERE – I embedded the search there since you might be curious, but too lazy to type that in.  🙂

You’ll see that I didn’t invent this idea. No patents for me! But it does lend some credibility to my point here.  And what is that you ask?


Have a great day!