Into the Fray

crazy at wrigley

Well, on Monday I’m getting one of my wishes as a Cubs Season Ticket Holder – playoff baseball at Wrigley!  KICK ASS!  (I think)  As the old adage goes though, be careful what you wish for right?  (see picture above)

So MLB hasn’t decided exactly what time the game is going to be – either 3:30P or 5P depending on what AL games are being played that day.   We’ll find that out today I suppose – just makes scheduling calls, etc. for Monday a bit challenging.  Regardless of the exact start time, what time should I get down there?  Noon?  10A?  Just have breakfast down there and hope for the best?

Fortunately, Evan is off school (Columbus Day), so I don’t have to argue with them about him being “sick”, but I’m told that some, if not all of the places down there turn into 21 and over ONLY (even the food places).  So do we just sit at McDonalds until the gates open?  Gonna have to look into that one.

Back to the “fray” though.  Do I get a nomination for Father of the Year for taking my 15 (almost 16) year old to a Cubs playoff game and then experiencing the HUGE celebration (assuming a win) after the game.  Many of his friends are pretty envious that he’s going I know.  Or, given the mayhem, will DCFS be waiting for me when I get back?   I personally think it’ll be a good experience and it’s not like Evan and I are the smallest people in the crowd, so something tells me we’ll be OK.  Just have to keep my phone in my front pocket so it doesn’t disappear

So assuming we survive, what’s there to experience down at a Wrigleyville party?  Is it like Mardi Gras where we toss beads (Evan would like that – I suppose I would too)?  People running naked through the street?  I’m envisioning lots of high fives, W flags waving, and people stumbling around – maybe the occasional person on the curb that was over served.  Likely some dudes running around shirtless (let’s hope they keep their pants on) – maybe some ladies will partake too!  🙂

All in all it should be a pretty interesting experience.  I know Evan is looking forward to it – as am I.  Then I get to do it all over again on Tuesday with Trisha.  That will be fun as well of course – maybe I’ll learn a few things Monday to save us some grief Tuesday.

I’ll be back later this week with a full “mayhem” report.  I think the current over/under on how many times I am fondled in the crowd is about 20.  🙂


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