I Love Snow



So it was inevitable – first snow of the year and I feel compelled to write about it.  Mainly because our first snow happened to be 10.5 inches (nearest official measurement to my house) followed by -5F wind chills for a day.   Oh yeah, and then 5 days later it’s supposed to be raining at 56F so this winter wonderland I’m looking at right now will be all gone.  Nothing like a sixty degree temperature swing in few days eh?  Gotta love Chicago.

Anyway, I found it pretty typical how the weather folks were all worked up in a lather over this impending snow doom that we just had.  I get it – the first big snow and it was alleged to be a big one.  And I was betting the opposite as usually when they are all worked up like that, they tend to be wrong.  Well, this time I have to say that got it right.  I was betting on 2 inches or less and I’m pretty sure we had that in the first couple hours that it started.  Oh well.

So 10.5 inches of HEAVY wet snow does a few things, other than make the roads a mess.  It’s super hard to shovel and I also noticed, as the day progressed, that many trees were bending.  I saw a few snap in the neighborhood, and ours in front was bending really bad.  God bless my wife who took the initiative and went out there and literally shook the branches until much of the snow came off.  Given that as I write this the wind chill is exactly 1F, she may have saved half of that tree.

Since our snowblower was just serviced last year and stored safely (so I thought)  in our garage, I figured we were in good shape.  Well, not so much.  The directional thingy (technical term) – the plastic tube-like piece that points where the snow goes – had magically come off.  I’d sure like to understand how that magically happens when the snowblower just sits there all summer.  That complaint aside, we fixed that part.  Since the snow was heavy and I’m incredibly out of shape, I wanted to fire that bad boy up and get the rest of the snow.  No luck.  I filled it with gas and went to prime the engine, but when I pressed the primer button, the sound of air coming out is all I got.  So that means someone that line is broken too.  How the #($*&@# does all this happen over the summer?

So given the pending 56F temperatures, I said “screw it” to the rest of the snow.  The only downside now is that my car is encased in about 6 or so inches of what was heavy, wet snow and I’m certainly is basically ice.  Bad planning on my part.  Here’s a picture of the car:

frozen car

Let’s hope I don’t have to go anywhere anytime soon.  Fortunately we parked Trisha’s car in the garage so are all good.

To summarize yesterday, and if you didn’t already guess, I do NOT love snow actually.  I’m not a big fan.  Yes, it look pretty on the trees (when it’s not breaking them) and the winter wonderland can be nice to see as well.  But overall I am no longer a fan of snow.

Can’t wait for the 56F Thanksgiving we’re forecast to have!  Oh yeah, and the next measureable snow that the weather folks will be worked up (again) about.

Happy Winter to all my warm-climate friends!

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