I Love Small Business

I just want to go on record as saying: “I Love Small Businesses”. (I sure hope that doesn’t get me fired – or maybe even not hired someday.) Don’t get me wrong – there is nothing wrong with working at, managing, owning stock in, or patronizing large or even mid-sized businesses – I just really enjoy the small ones – and the stuff that happens there.

OK – to be fair – I own a small business – and know many other small business owners – so I’m biased. That being said, let me share some cool things that I have seen happen in small businesses that I think are far less likely to happen in larger organizations.

Live Music – I was working at an alternate location the other day, away from my regular office, and it was getting to be about 5P – end of the day. People were all packed up and heading out the door as you would expect. I wanted to avoid rush hour traffic, so I decided to stay later. 5:02P comes along and I hear a “mic check 1..2..” from the office next door. I figured they were testing some new equipment – no big deal. No less than 5 minutes later and IT’S TIME TO ROCK!! Little did I know but that evening each week the band of the owner next door practices and I might as well have been sitting by the drum set. 🙂  I LOVED it! Thank God I wasn’t on a conference call, but it was pretty fun. It actually made me more productive as it gave me a much needed energy boost.   That kind of stuff only happens in small business.


Small businesses provide 55% of all jobs and 66% of
all net new jobs since the 1970s (https://www.sba.gov/offices/headquarters/ocpl/resources/13493)


Office Sharing – Simply put, swapping office space on an “as needed” basis. I might be in your “neighborhood” (or you in mine) and need to take a conference call, print a contract, kill some time before a meeting, etc. and without asking permission, and sometimes without much notice, I can pop in and hang out for a while – and I don’t have to buy an expensive latte. LOVE that! It’s like having an additional office without the expense and overhead. And if you know that person well enough, sometimes they give you a key! Have to love that. In my experience, the larger the company, the less likely this is to happen.


According to a 2012 poll conducted on behalf of the Public
Affairs Council, 88 percent of Americans view small business favorably. In fact, 68 percent of us would rather pay more to do business
with a small business than a big one.


Partnering – So what the heck does this mean? It’s one of those terms that has many different meanings, so let me try to explain. What I am suggesting here is that two small businesses are MUCH more likely to work together (even in a competitive situation). This could be a co-marketing type situation, working together on an RFP, joint product development, or anything else you can think of. I’m not suggesting that it always works, just that it’s far more likely in a small business. They are flexible, willing to listen, and quite honestly don’t have all the process, procedure, and legal restrictions that larger organizations have. This allows small business to also be more creative when approaching any type of project. It’s helped me in my past life, and hopefully will help me again in the future.

I could go on, but this blog is long enough I think. Sorry for all the rambling – I might have some strong opinions here.  🙂

BTW – If you are a hiring manager at a large company and I am applying, just ignore all of this. I was kidding.

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