I LOVE political posts!

Executive Summary:  There is really zero upside to posting your political rants or sharing your obviously politically positioned articles on Facebook – it’s all downside.  I would submit that a very large majority of people would much rather see your photo of the Egg McMuffin you had for breakfast – maybe even the crumbled up wrapper too.

My thoughts:

There are some pretty interesting statistics about Facebook in THIS article, but the one I’ll use today is that the number of Facebook friends that the “average” user has is currently around 155.  I have 354 as of today – maybe that makes me a whore – not sure.

I think it is fair to assume that 2/3 of your friends are likely of roughly the same political opinion as you.  Maybe not 100% the same, but close enough.  So that leaves 1/3 that either are not or maybe your aren’t even sure.  That’s about 51 people.

So my question to you political posters is this:  Is your political agenda so important to you that you are willing to possibly alienate, maybe even piss off, 51 of your “friends”?

So the pushback I’ll get is that if they are really my friends, they would be “tolerant” of my opinions.  Understood entirely, but that’s not the point.  One of my favorite non-PC quotes is “Religion is like a penis – it’s fine to have one and be proud of it, but when you take it out and wave it in my face, that’s when we have a problem.”  (See HERE for meme on that)

I believe that if you just swap the word “religion” with “political opinion”, the same holds true.

I believe that the “pull” approach to this type of information is much more effective than the “push” approach.  What I mean by that is if I am interested in anything about religion or politics, I’ll go find it.  Our good friend Mr. Google can help there I’m sure.  I don’t need you “waving” it in my face (see above quote).

Political posting is the equivalent of the “shotgun approach” to marketing.  If you ever do any marketing, that approach generally has a VERY low ROI.  Another name for that is SPAM, and we all know how much we love that.

So my suggestion is rather than post your political rants on Facebook to a broad audience that may or may not agree with your position, spend your valuable time in the forums, Facebook pages, or websites that appeal to your position.  I am 100% certain they will be more receptive to your political rants.

That said, if you still feel the need to “recruit” others or “campaign” for your candidate, my suggestion is to take what I call the “sniper rifle” approach.  Pick a select group of “friends” that you know well enough to know they would be open to a conversation about it and message, text, or email them.  Then make your case and have a good discussion about it.  Nothing at all wrong with that.  With the right group, that can actually be pretty interesting.

It is my opinion that my suggested approach will 1) be more effective in achieving what I have to believe is your goal and 2) alienate WAY less people along the way.

Don’t forget the old rule on the three topics to not discuss in mixed company (and never at work):  1) Religion, 2) Politics, and 3) Sex.

I didn’t make that one up – so don’t rant at me.  I’m just reminding you about it.

And if all of this pisses you off, then unfriend me.  I dare you.  🙂


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