Good Service – An Alternate Unviverse

On a recent evening, I had to run to our local “Commons” (foofy term for a collection of fancy strip malls) for a few things. I don’t generally spend a lot of time there, as primarily I despise shopping. But it needed to be done and as I say to many things, it wasn’t going to do itself. (Other examples: “Those donuts aren’t going to eat themselves.” “Those clothes aren’t going to wash themselves.”)

I stopped at a phone repair place (primary reason to go), small pet “stuff” place, and Starbucks (to kill time). I have to say, I was blown away at the amazing service that I experienced at all three places!

Everyone, without exception, was remarkably friendly, positive, helpful, engaging, and I would dare to say “genuine”.

I actually left the “commons” in a better mood than when I arrived. When is the last time you left a shopping experience happier than when you arrived?!

Pretty cool, I thought.

But this is not a glorified Yelp or Google review – I would not bore you with that.

The other side of this that struck me is why does this have to be such a remote exception, and not much closer to the “rule”. Why was I saw floored by good service? Especially when they (whoever “they” are) say we are in a “service economy”?

I’ll save that rant for another day, as I want to stay positive.

Here’s the thought to consider:

What would the world be like if great service was the “norm”
and not such a wildcard exception?

Less world hunger?
Less war and conflict?
Happier people?
More productivity?
Less chronic illness?
Healthier people overall?
More Cubs World Series Championships?
More variations of sandwich shops (Oh God, please no more)
More coffee shops (is that even possible)
The demise of Comcast (ooops, will save that for another rant)

I have to wonder what the overall cost to the economy is from crappy customer service?! I’ll add that to my list of things to apply for millions in funding to “research”.

I obviously don’t have “the” answer here, but thought it was something worth noodling a bit when you are bored.

And what can YOU do to make that more of a possibility?

Deep stuff to think about – I need to lie down now…