Giving Thanks

OK – so it’s a bit cliche to be writing about giving thanks on Thanksgiving, but it seems fairly appropriate with everything going on lately.  I’m not going to single my friends and family out here – it’s not one of those posts.  I’ll hit them up separately.  🙂

This is more about the power of giving thanks – and the fact that I don’t think we (myself included here) do it enough.  There are countless articles about how giving thanks can lift your mood and even contribute towards weight loss (click HERE).  Or just Google “how does giving thanks help” and you’ll see what I am talking about.

Think about how nice it is to hear “Thank You” – or get a text, email, letter, postcard, whatever that thanks you for your time or contribution to anything.  It could be a charity, your church, school, community group, etc.   I volunteer a lot of time to the National MS Society here in Chicago and just got a Thanksgiving card in the mail with a simple handwritten “Thank You” on it.  Nice touch and it made me smile.  They certainly didn’t have to do that, but they did and I appreciated it.

Now imagine if we all did more of that.  Not only would you feel good, but the receiver of thanks would also feel good.  I’m not suggesting that this is going to end wars or anything, but it sure can’t hurt.  I am suggesting, however, that this should not be a Thanksgiving-only thing.  This should be a year-round thing – Thanksgiving is just a great reminder for stuff like this.  Maybe put a reminder in your favorite calendar software/app and think about this quarterly instead of annually.  Or a Post-It note on your desk.  I promise that people will have a more favorable opinion of you – unless of course you are downright evil the rest of the time.  🙂

The list of WHO to thank is very long – I think for all of us.  Special focus should be on your friends and family (duh), but don’t forget about your vendors, customers, and employees.  This is not a personal-only post.  This goes AT LEAST as much for the business world as it does for the personal world.  So for my IT business folks out there, keep this stuff in mind.  Thank the people in your work community as well.  Don’t just keep it in the family.

How to thank?  So many ways there – this doesn’t have to be complex or a huge time commitment.  Here are just a few ideas: Email, Text, Phone, Facebook, Twitter, Postcard, Postagram (LOVE this app for this stuff) … or even the dreaded LETTER!  🙂  I’m not going to waste your time on how to do this – you’re smart – you’ll figure it out – just get on it.

So DO IT.  Get out there – THANK SOMEONE!  You’ll feel better.  And if not, I know they will.  🙂

just say thanks

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