For Judy and Gil

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This letter is addressed to the three most important people in my life:

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Those with disposable income greater than $0

(Not necessarily in that order)

Sorry – had to start off with a joke – keeps me mostly sane.

Yes, I am once again asking for support for my Bike MS fundraising efforts.  And as usual, I’m a bit behind in that effort – behind with my Team Captain work as well.  If you know me well, which you likely do if you are receiving this, I have had my hands full for a while here.  So I’m going to give myself a “pass” on being late to the game.  Next year – no more excuses though!

When Mom passed last year, it was super easy to know where she would have wanted any donations to be made in her honor – MS – that was a big “duh”.  No explanation needed there.

When Dad passed last month, I did think a bit about where he would want any donations made.  I could have come up with a couple options I think, but my brain was/is pretty “cooked” so I asked my brother and Dad’s great friend Bill for their suggestion.  Without hesitation, they both said MS.

I’m not going to write a eulogy here, but I think that speaks a bit to my Dad’s character – and is a reminder of my Mom’s as well.  He gave, gave, and gave some more – even when there really wasn’t anything to give.  I used to get frustrated seeing all the places he was sending $10 and $15 to.  Not because I was hoping to inherit his massive estate or anything, but with very little income I was worried about him taking care of himself.  But Dad just wanted to help people where he could.  I get that entirely.  So we are confident that he would want any donations to be made to help fight MS – giving back to Mom again.  That’s what he did.

Anyway, with that as the brief background, I ask again for your support in the fight against MS.  Anything greater than $0 is appreciated.


Thank you…


PS – Once again, Bike MS is going to be an emotional event for me.  We made some great progress this year in getting the first drug for Progressive MS approved.  That’s pretty awesome.  Help us continue that progress!

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