“F” the Music!

Ok – this is NOT about me hating music.  If you know me, you know that I love all sorts of music.  My iPhone is filled with MANY genres of music for sure – so no issues there.

The topic du jour is about the use of the occasional “F-bomb” or dreaded curse word in some of today’s songs.  I supposed you could try to boil it down to a simple “yay” or “nay” – but I think there is more to it than that.

I personally believe that the “occasional” use of an F-bomb or, God forbid, some other dreaded curse word (said with much sarcasm) is really no big deal.  I believe that it shows the true emotion of the writer without consideration to censorship or, quite frankly, anything else.  It shows what they were really thinking at the time or writing and what they truly feel when they sing it.

OK – that said, I get the whole “kids shouldn’t have to hear that” thing.  I have two kids, so don’t preach to me about that please.  But also know that this is stuff they hear on the bus EVERY SINGLE DAY.  And please don’t tell me that’s not true, or I may have to check you in to the Reality Rehab Center.

Also note, I am not a fan of the rap stuff out there where every other word is something the Good Lord would be offended by.  That’s way over the top, in my opinion.  If you want to write it or listen to it – go for it.  I’m not offended by that.  Just don’t expect me to buy that album or rock out to that in my car.  Not my choice.

But I really think that curse words showing up maybe a handful or so of times on an album isn’t really a big deal.  Besides, if they chose to do that, the album AND the song has to be marked “explicit” so you won’t be surprised.  And if you chose to listen to it anyway, and then complain about it, then you are an idiot.

So I don’t like to toss something out there like this without some specific examples, so here we go.  The song “New Love” by Maroon 5 includes the lyrics “What the f*ck, I got nothing to lose”.  (Yes, I used a “*” here, but that’s so I don’t get flagged by the censor police.  If you’d like to know my thoughts on using the “*”, message me directly and I’ll share a funny meme on it.)  Back on topic here:  do you really think that “what the heck” or “oh darn” or something like that is really what the writer was thinking when he/she wrote this?  Of course not.  He was thinking straight up “WTF” – so why not write it?  Again, it’s so much more impactful and I believe “real” so just deal with it.

There are 1000s of examples of this, but most of my readers are pretty smart folks so I’m not going to spend pages citing other ones.  This isn’t a court case – just an opinion piece.

One last time – if you are offended by curse words in music, then you have the right to not buy that music, or simply skip the song that includes the scary words.  It’s a simple self-selecting process where nobody has to be offended or scarred by all those vile, evil, devil-induced words (more sarcasm here, in case you didn’t guess that).

So what do you think?  Should I delete all my Maroon 5 music because there are a handful or so curse words in their lyrics?  Should I write my Congressperson?  Picket somewhere?  Maybe start a Facebook page or website with a petition to ban this evil music?

Or perhaps, just chose with my wallet and leave the rest of us alone.  Your kids will survive if they hear the occasional “F bomb”.  It it not going to lure them to the dark side.

(Man, I just can’t stop being sarcastic about this one)

“F” the Music!!  🙂

(And yes, I’d LOVE your thoughts on this one)

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