Experiment in Perspective

I have a short experiment for you that I think may change your perspective a bit – for the good, of course. Full credit for this inspiration goes to a blog I just read from Darius Foroux, who if you don’t follow you definitely should – great stuff. (Click HERE for that short blog)

So here’s the scoop – it’s all about GRATITUDE – something that I think (myself included) we should all have a LOT more of. And I won’t rant about why this would be helpful, as I think it’s pretty self-explanatory.

Guess how long this will take you each day – ONE MINUTE (maybe two, tops). If you tell me that you do not have a free minute or two (literally) in your day, then you are clearly incorrect. Everyone, even the Pope, has an extra minute in their day.

Here’s the experiment:

EVERY day (no exceptions), just jot down one (1), and only one (1), thing that you are grateful for. Do that for 30 days if you are up for it – if not, then at least two full weeks. At the end of that time period, print that list and post it somewhere. Put a date on it as well so that in a year you’ll have some perspective on when you wrote it.

Important point – make the things that you write down as specific as possible. Don’t just write down “health”, “life”, “family”, etc. Maybe something like “I am grateful for finally recovering from whatever lung/respiratory death virus I just had” (that would be a good one for me just now).

Do that – EVERY FLIPPING DAY for at least two weeks, preferably 30 days.

Print it
Post it
Read it every day

Then in some undetermined amount of time, do this again. Maybe post the lists next to each other?

Try it
Don’t be afraid
It’s easy

And yes, you DO have the time in your day to do this

If you are super bold, share that list with a friend or close family member. Maybe it will inspire them to do the same!

I double dog, extra promise that reflecting back on this list will change your perspective a bit on things – for the positive.

And if you tell me that you do not have anything today to be grateful for, then please punch yourself, and have someone video and post it for us all to share. Because the fact that you are reading this on your electronic device tells me at least a half dozen things you should be grateful for.

(I sure do hope someone shares a video of them punching themselves – that would be awesome)

And just for validation, I’m going to do this as well

Now get started