Effective Debating on Social Media

Since one of the unintended consequences of all of this covid nonsense is that we are all spending way too much time on social media, I wanted to share what I think may be a life (or at least sanity) saving tip – How to Debate Effectively on Social Media.

It doesn’t matter what you are debating on social media – religion, politics, who to blame for covid-19, why Uber is better than Lyft, etc. – you need to be careful on how you engage with people so as not to start a riot or even a very uncomfortable family gathering.

So here’s the deal: If you see something that you disagree with on social media (the platform doesn’t matter), you have two choices really:

1 – Laugh, roll your eyes, pray for that person since they clearly are “misinformed” (aka – an idiot), and just keep scrolling



Obviously just ignoring such stupidity would be not only offensive to whatever your clearly much more accurate and factual position is, but also would border on a crime against all of humanity since that poor, ignorant person will just go on spreading their nonsense across the world and causing irreparable harm to all mankind!

You really don’t have much of a choice (if you want to continue to add huge value to this world in the form of your God-inspired opinion) but to engage that person directly and tag as many people as possible since that makes your point that much more valid and factual.

That said, here are some things to consider when engaging with the enemy (let’s just be honest and call them what they are):

  1. Make sure you read that poor soul’s post closely so that you have a clear understanding of just how stupid (sorry, “misinformed”) they are
  2. Research your position thoroughly so you can ensure that your position is solid – no doubt 17 seconds on Google and the first thing that comes up should take care of that
  3. I find it helpful to start the response with something subtle like “WRONG!” or “Hey moron” – even go with a “WTF” or two since that always adds credibility to the argument.
  4. As mentioned earlier, you definitely want to tag as many people as possible so that the impact of your life-giving lesson is shared far and wide. We can’t have that idiot continue to spread this nonsense so get a few of your peeps involved as well to help set the record straight!
  5. For effect, I find it effective to attach some sort of related meme as well – definitely a credibility booster.
  6. From there you can either take the short approach of calling them something offensive and posting your clearly more accurate position in a link to a credible and non-partisan website (nytimes, cnn, seanhannity, etc) OR, and I think this one is much more effective, just lay into them with as long a message as the platform you are on will allow. Longer posts are obviously much more accurate, so that’s a valid and encouraged approach.
  7. As far as f-bombs or other alleged curse words, I find that if you keep the ratio about 5:1 (5 words to each alleged curse word) that is a pretty effective strategy for maximum impact.
  8. If you want to go above and beyond, then report that person’s clearly offensive post to anyone that will listen – the moderator of that social media group, your local senator, The Today Show, or even write an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal (that one always works). I think The View is always looking for solid content like that so toss them a note too – Whoopi love that s**t.
  9. Last point, if this poor moron doesn’t respond at all, then you are obligated under UN and NATO law to continue to engage until they respond, concede, or just remove all of their social media accounts and stop spreading their nonsense.

Pretty simple really, right?

If you follow these easy steps to productive debating on social media, I have no doubt you’ll be running for public office soon! 

NOTE: If you didn’t realize that all of the above was 1,000% sarcasm, exaggerated, and intended to be humor, then please take me off your Christmas card list. LOL! 🙂

(See you on www.thecupajoe.com soon!)