Dollar = Vote

No folks, this is not a rant about the one percent, corrupt politicians, bribery, or any of that crazy stuff. I might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I am also not dumb enough to dip my toes in that water.

Anyway, here is the point that I would like you to noodle a bit:


I will wait a minute while that sinks in a bit…

OK, here’s the scoop. Honestly, everything you purchase, is essentially your vote for what World 2.0 should look like – good, bad, or otherwise.

Some super basic examples of this:

  • Soda – every time you pick up a 12-pack or two liter bottle, you are telling “them” that there should be more soda
  • Organic – when you buy organic food (of any kind), you are asking for more of that to be grown
  • Fast-food – each time you drive through McDs, you are suggesting that we should have more drive through options
  • Brands – super simple here, but picking Bud Light vs Miller Lite (both are gross) is a vote for more beer from St. Louis and less from Milwaukee
  • Food – If you buy a lot of meat, you want more meat. Buying lots of produce encourages more of that.

Some slightly more abstract examples:

  • Soda – when you buy a 12-pack vs a two-liter bottle, you want more canned soda made as opposed to plastic bottles
  • Pets -when you adopt a pet vs purchase or breed one, you are encouraging more pet adoptions and less selling of animals
  • Vacation – If you book a cruise, you encourage more cruises – book an all-inclusive, you want more of those
  • Donations – Even your charitable dollar is a vote for your cause and encourages more to help out

There are literally countless examples of this, which is why I feel it is true that EVERY dollar is a vote of some kind – no exceptions.

There is tremendous power in our “dollar vote” – I might argue even more power than our election vote. That would be an interesting debate for another blog.

If enough people stop spending their hard-earned dollars on anything, it almost surely changes, or maybe even goes away. We see this in the marketplace all the time.

I encourage all of you to think about that every time you spend money – what you see on your bank statement, credit card bill, even your investment account. All of it paints a picture of the kind of world you would like to see more of.

Maybe instead of a psychological or personality test, we should do 12 months of analysis on ALL of your spending and investing and spit out some sort of analysis of your preferred version of the world. Not a profit/loss statement or investment performance or your credit score – we have all that. But do some really deep analysis on what specifically you are spending your money on (brand, company, geography, quality, etc) – what does it all translate to?  What does those companies and products stand for or mean?

Dang that would be a pretty cool app to develop eh?  (I want naming rights if somebody builds it!)

Anyway, seriously – think about that the next time you are at the grocery store or Target or something like that – I bet it keeps popping into your mind if you try it for a while.

You are welcome

And yes, this would be another great thing for me to ask for $74.5 billion government dollars for to do research! (I just made that number up)