Deathbed Credits

Ever see the movie “In Time”?  Me neither (trailer is HERE).  The premiss of the movie is along the lines of “Time is Money”, just taken literally.  Interesting concept – movie didn’t get great reviews.

So it came to me, while sitting at a red light today (that I should not have been stuck at) that on my deathbed, I think it would be very appropriate to at least ask for some sort of “credit” for all the morons and generally rude people that have essentially stolen time from me over the years.

Who are those people you ask?  I’m sure I could come up with a VERY long list of examples, but the key ones that come to mind at the moment are:

  1. The slow, or otherwise oblivious, drivers that cause me to sit, unnecessarily, at red lights time and time again.
  2. The people that go through the fast food drive thru and treat them like their personal high-end waiter and custom restaurant – or order food for the entire neighborhood, baseball team, etc.
  3. Check writers at ANY store
  4. Anyone going through an ATM that is not ready when they pull up

Who am I missing?  You KNOW there are more!!

I am not sure that I’ll get ANY of that time back, I’m sure as Hell going to ask for it!  🙂

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