Contact Cleansing

OK – quick blog entry here.  But when is the last time you went through your contacts and just deleted the ones that don’t need to be there?  I’m not talking about friends that have recently pissed you off, or the Aunt that never writes.  On the business side of things, we tend to run into  a LOT of people – especially if you work for or partner with a larger vendor.  I was a business partner of IBM for 17 years and now work for IBM.  You can imagine just how many IBM contacts I have stuffed in my contact list.  Some were very relevant at the time of the deal, project, marketing campaign, etc.  But much of that was MANY years ago and I’m 100% certain that I emailed these people they’d have no clue who I was or that we ever worked together.

Same goes for customers you worked with a LONG time ago. If you don’t stay in regular contact with them, then other than nostalgia, what’s the point of having them in your contact list.

I bring this up as I have been steadily whittling down my list of contacts to a more “current” status.  I have to admit that there is something cleansing about doing that.  Could be that I’m just a spaz – not sure.  But I do a few at a time when I need a break and it’s very random.  Just scroll through the list and delete a handful or so each time I peak out there.

So, the question of the day – is this something that you do on a regular basis?  Should you?

As always, I welcome your feedback…

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