Coffee Shop Meetings

So, we have all likely done it, met someone at a coffee shop for some reason (lots of reasons there).  I have met lots of people at coffee shops for all sorts of reasons.  I have also spent plenty of my work days at a coffee shop as I am blessed with a position that allows me to get my work done there (or anywhere honestly) when I need a change of venue.  That said, as I spent most of my day in a coffee shop yesterday, some observations/questions came to mind that I thought I would share.  So here we go…

Arrival Time

Do you arrive right on-time, likely sitting in the parking lot for a bit (if you were smart and arrived early for the meeting)?  Or, do you get there plenty early, order your coffee, take a call, get some work done, and then hope that the person you are meeting is on-time?  Upside there is that you are set and comfortable before your meeting, get to pick your spot, guarantee there is a spot for your meeting if it’s crowded, and avoid the awkward “who buys the coffee” moment when ordering.  The risk there is what if you both get there early – then what?  Who buys coffee?  I think that the answer to all of these questions varies if it’s a business meeting, personal meeting, and for either of those it also varies if it’s the first meeting.  Oh dear, I haven’t even considered if it’s a date-like meeting!  I have been married too long to chime in on that one, but would love your input there.


Assuming it is just two of you, do you go for the comfy seats (if they exist there), or is that awkward if it is a business or first meeting? You would be much more comfortable, but if the chairs are on a 45 degree angle, is that weird to talk?  Of if the chairs are close (which they are some times), will your legs bump if you are crossing them?  Definitely uncomfortable for business stuff.  Business aside though, do you go for the high-top table, two-person only table, or spread out with a table for 4, even if there is only 2.  Oh wait, maybe we should sit outside?  There is also a “bar” at some shop, so keep that in mind.

What to Order?

Is it cool to order a muffin or something if you are meeting up with someone, or is that just rude to eat in front of them?  Or does guilt them into getting something maybe they didn’t want?  Or what if you are starving, but you walk up together and they say they will get it – probably not cool to order a $7 sandwich, or even a $2 bagel at that point.  Ugh.  On the drink side too, clearly if they end up buying you want to keep it reasonable and simple.  I am easy that way – black coffee – cheap and impossible to screw up.  You probably do not want to be “that guy” who fires up the “venti half-caf, extra-hot, non-fat, no-whip, almond milk vanilla latte with only 2 pumps and double-cup” drink.  Man, that says a lot, and you may have heard me rant about that before.


There are also considerations on where to meet and when to meet, but maybe I’ll save that for another blog.  This one ended up a bit longer than planned, so I’ll give you a break.

But if you look above, you’ll realize all the decisions that have to be made when the simple “Hey, let’s meet up for coffee” suggestion comes out.  Not so easy eh?

I will end with my approach: get there early, order black coffee, table for four, and do not order food unless it’s a close friend – then all bets are off.  You can sit together in one comfy chair at at that point. 🙂


Have a great day!!


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