Chiropractor 1 – Neurosurgeon 0

Well, I know you have been anxiously awaiting this post to see how my adventures with a chiropractor were going.  You will be happy to know, that it has been a big success.  Am I entirely pain-free?  No.  But I have improved significantly for sure.  No more sharp pains and no more laying down at the end of the day in misery.  I even get to start using a pillow again, so that’s pretty exciting right?  Plus, for all of those driving around me, I can comfortably check my blind spots again.  State Farm appreciates that for sure!

So today I get to call the neurosurgeon and tell him that I’m cancelling the surgery in January.  I’m not quite sure how that conversation is going to go, or how often that happens, but I’m sure it’ll be interesting.

Here’s what I have done to avoid surgery:

  • Chiropractor 3 times per week (starting two times per week next week, then will taper to more of a maintenance program after that)
  • Focused massage roughly a couple times per month. By “focused” I mean having the massage person focus on the specific issues I am having, not just a general “feel good” massage.  Last time was 30 minutes spent ONLY on my neck.  Next time will be 60 minutes focused only on shoulder blades and up.
  • Twice daily anti-inflammatory supplement

Is all of that expensive?  Not really – maybe $150-200 per month that will lessen over time.  But it avoids having three holes cut in my body and a piece of titanium and a couple screws installed.  So to me, it’s a worthwhile tradeoff.

The obvious question is “Will I still need surgery at some point?”  Not sure, but the odds are yes.  But the longer I can defer that the better, in my opinion.  Plus, what do I want to spend a lot of money on in January – neck surgery or Cubs Season tickets?  Pretty easy decision there for me.  🙂

(And NO, I am NOT cancelling my neck surgery because of the Cubs tickets – that was a joke – turn off your flame machine)

A THANK YOU to Uncle Sharky and Cousin Beth for their insight and guidance here.  Uncle Sharky (real name is Mike, but I call him Sharky because he is an attorney) had neck surgery and Beth (his oldest daughter) is a chiropractor.  Their commentary and insight was invaluable here.

One issue addressed for now – time to focus on more important things.  Like debating on whether or not the Cubs should trade Kyle Schwarber.  🙂

Go Cubs!!!

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