Chiro – Part Deux

OK – so earlier in the year I blogged about visiting a chiropractor.  And yes, I was fairly skeptical, as I imagine many are.  I went for I think 3 weeks, felt some improvement I have to admit, and then a couple of business trips and some personal stuff later, I did not return.  I guess I wasn’t quite “drinking the Kool-Aid”, as they say, and was super-uber busy so didn’t make the time to go back.

Since then, my neck has gone rapidly downhill, to the point that I was supposed to have surgery this coming Monday.  I had an MRI done over the summer, and in the neurologists own words, my neck is a “hot mess”.  That’s always nice when the doctor says that eh?

Anyway, the surgery isn’t happening this Monday as I developed pneumonia last week, and I guess doctors don’t like to cut you open three different times with a recent infection.  Go figure.  And as my primary doctor noted, I probably don’t want to coughing a lot which three good-sized “fresh” incisions in me.  Fair point.

That said, the surgery was rescheduled for January 16th – over two months away.  That is a long time to wait when you are in constant pain, and Illinois hasn’t approved medical marijuana yet for neck pain, so I needed to find a reasonable “Plan B”.

Re-Enter the Chiropractor

Trisha has been going to him for quite some time, and sharing my story along the way.  He keeps telling her that he can help, so in a state of desperation, I decide to go back and give it another whirl.  This time, though, I am going to go through the full 12-15 visits and see if anything improves.  Full-on commitment – and going in with full optimism.  I gave him my MRI images, MRI report, and xray notes as well.  So at least he is armed with more information on how to help me out.

I have been through three sessions so far – shooting for 3 per week.  Some improvement, but not much.  Though I didn’t expect much the first week, so no biggie.  I was, however, VERY anxious about the first adjustment.  Seeing what I saw on the MRI, and rapid, and admittedly “violent” movement of the neck in an unnatural way is probably not what the neurosurgeon would have ordered.   But again, I am desperate for some relief, so I’m jumping in the deep end this time.

He did do a full re-evaluation of me to see where I was at, which I did request before any adjusting was done.  Since I am a numbers guy and like to see objective measurements as opposed to “how does it feel”, I did look at the results of his March vs November evaluation.  Based on the change, it looks like I basically drove my car off the Grand Canyon and bounced around for a while.  Check it out for yourself – March on the left, November on the right:



Anyway, I will have a full report hopefully by the end of the year.  Praying and hoping for some relief here.  Wish me luck!

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