Beer Spillage Analysis

I am finally following up on my LONG-awaited and SUPER-detailed analysis of the big question that we all struggle with on a daily basis:  “What is the value of beer spilled at Wrigley Field during an average game?”  Potentially life-changing stuff here, I realize that, so I apologize for my delay in releasing my results.

So after very careful analysis, and surveying many, I’ll call them, “experienced” fans, here’s the bottom line:

If you do the simple math (not the PhD-level stuff I did to calculate this), with 81 home games, that translates to $3,619,054.89.  That is a LOT of freakin’ beer spilled during the season!

Now, the lowest number calculated was around $31K and the highest was around $62K – what you got here was an average based on a very NON-statistically significant research sample.

So put that in your pipe and smoke it!  🙂

And if you want my patent-pending spreadsheet that I used to calculate this, please message me and I’ll share it.  But I want full book and movie rights!

(Sarcasm turning off in 3…2…1….)


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