Anonymous LinkedIn – WTF!?

OK – this is kind of a short rant (at least that’s my plan), but it needs to be said.   In short, why does LinkedIn allow for people to remain anonymous when browsing my profile?

linkedin anonymous

I get these all the time, and I know you do as well. So can someone explain to me why this would be allowed? LinkedIn is intended, at least in my opinion, to be basically a big electronic networking event – with the goal being to connect with other professionals for any number of reasons (recruiting, sales, professional assistance, etc).

If that is true, then why can someone look at my information and not at least give me the common courtesy of knowing they looked? Isn’t that the equivalent of being at a networking event with a badge that you covered up? Or worse yet, made me cover my eyes while you checked out my resume!?

As you can see, I just don’t get it, and it kind of winds me up a little bit. If you are too afraid to reveal yourself, then why are you on LinkedIn? How do you expect to network, connect, share information, etc? And if you don’t want to network, connect, etc. then why are you bothering with LinkedIn anyway? Are you some sort of stalker? What was it about my profile picture, name, and title that caused you to click on my to see more information? If there was a good reason, then you should be OK to let me see you as well. Or are you just randomly clicking profiles because you are bored!?

Look – I’m not the first one to complain about this. There are plenty of other articles about this and I have yet to find an answer. So I’m hoping that maybe you can help.

Any thoughts?

Pouring a cup of decaf now…too wound up. 🙂

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