And So It Begins

bike ms socks and im tatoo

OK – it’s that time of year again.  The time where I shave off the layers of dust from my trusty Salsa bicycle, pump up the tires (hope they don’t explode), and take her out for a spin (and again, hope the tires don’t explode).   Today was a success!  I didn’t crash, didn’t flat, the tubes didn’t explode from the massive amount of pressure that I put on them, and I completed a whopping 10.1 miles without ending up in the ER.  My total time was 51:55 with a  blazing average speed of 11.6 mph, so I obviously have some room to improve.  But hard to complain as the winds were light, the sun was out, and it was around 76F . Perfect riding weather.

This post isn’t going to be a long-winded whine about the aches and pains of the first ride – don’t worry.  There were some, but that is to be expected.  It was just great to get out on a beautiful day and log a few miles.  I’d like to say that the wind was blowing through my hair, but you all know better than that.  🙂

The first outdoor ride of the year for me is always inspiring.  Reminds me of why I love to ride my bike and certainly motivates me to get back out there.  I’ll cross my fingers that Mother Nature cooperates and keeps the weather decent. I lost my arm warmers and my base layer doesn’t fit, so if it cools down a bunch I’ll have to make an investment.  Somehow every year my water bottles disappear too – I think my kids eat them – can’t figure it out.

Tomorrow is a trip to Wrigley where it’s supposed to be beautiful as well, albeit much cooler than out here in the Western ‘Burbs.  So all I need is a “W” tomorrow from my Cubbies and my weekend will be a huge success!  Boeing 777 exit row on Friday, gorgeous bike ride on Saturday, Wrigley Field on Sunday.  Life is good.

Now I just need to get out there on my bike on a more regular basis.  Bike MS is just around the corner so it’s time to get prepared!!

Have a great weekend everyone….

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