A Public Thank You

(Saddle up folks, this one is some deep stuff…)

To my wife Trisha,

Since I am all about the “executive summary”, here is it: THANK YOU!

OK, since that was super lame, let me explain…

For many years now, being my “partner in crime” has been a pretty rough ride. There have been many ups and downs for sure, as there always are in life. But over at least the last five years, the downs have been pretty down for sure. That is pretty evident to anyone that knows us, but you clearly know it better than anyone.

What has been made ultra clear to me, is that I am TRULY blessed to have you as my wife, partner, friend and ultimate source of support. I cannot overemphasize enough the word blessed. I believe that God has blessed me with you and for that I am forever grateful – to both of you. (I tell Him all the time, so He already knows that)

Let me be clear, there is zero chance that I would have survived everything that I have endured over the years without your unfailing support along the way. I am able to do what I do and make the decisions that I have to make only because I have full confidence that you will support me along the way. That is an invaluable gift for which there is not a “thank you” large enough.

I want to make sure that you know, and that everyone knows (I’ll explain it to Hoda and Kathy Lee when they invite me on their show to sip wine and talk about you), that I am truly grateful and blessed to have the honor of calling you my wife.

For those that are still reading, I won’t make this any more super sappy than it already is, but I felt strongly that Trisha needed a public acknowledgement of exactly how thankful I am for her support, especially given the last few years. For those of you that know us personally, I am certain that you would agree.

Our future together, is very bright. Some other s**t will happen, no doubt. But I am very confident we’ll get through it.

So just saying “thank you” really doesn’t do it justice, but so I don’t torture my readers any further, I’ll just say:


And God bless the United States of America!

(oh shoot, wrong speech ending)


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