A Break from Facebook

Well, I decided to take a “break” from Facebook, and based one some of the feedback/questions I received, you would think that I just renounced my US citizenship for Russia.  Which inspired me, of course, to write about it, since that’s what I do.

The big question is “why”, of course.  Bottom line – just too much “noise”.  Not the ads, really – but I found that I was using an open source tool, and had to switch browsers, so I could effectively filter out lots of content that was really distracting (mostly politics, but also some people that were just over-the-top obnoxious).  So it dawned on me that if I have to go to that level of effort to make my Facebook experience tolerable, then I have to question the value I’m getting out of it.  Also, to be honest, the less “noise” I have to deal with right now the better – I have enough other crap going on.

And to be clear, I’m not saying that Facebook is “bad”, or that you are bad for being on Facebook – I’m just saying that it’s not for me at this point.  And I’m not saying “never again”, as I don’t believe in “never” really.  Just not now.

So, I guess I’ll be missing random pictures of what you had for dinner and all of the political banter.  Poor me.  🙂


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