Pedestrian Behavior

My quick comparison of how pedestrians in a couple major cities behave – at least based on what I have seen…

Tel Aviv – The “Walk” vs “Do Not Walk” signs are commands from God.  Thou shalt not disobey them or lightning shall rain down on you and your family immediately.

San Francisco – Fairly obedient when it comes to street signage – generally follow the rules and give way to cars/taxis when appropriate.  Any relation to the almost non-stop smell of “weed” on the streets?  Not sure – needs further research.

Chicago – This one is simple – “ZERO F**KS GIVEN”.  Enough said there.

As always, I welcome your feedback, comments, slander, etc…

  • Isn’t this the truth. Whether in a crosswalk or not they think you should give way despite where they are deciding to cross. High school students are the worst. Hit me if you dare.

  • Shawn

    Boulder….Walk with abandon, do not even look. Cars and everyone and everything will stop because I am the most important thing in my world and NEVER EVER attempt to hurry.

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