More Research Needed!

This is another one of my requests for a few million from the Federal government for some urgent research that is needed that could have a huge positive impact on our society.  Anyone of driving age could be positively impacted by this.  Presidential candidates should debate this for our upcoming election.   The issue that needs at LEAST $10M of research is this:

People that drive significantly sower in the left lane. 

OK – before you flame me for being some sort of angry and aggressive driver that flips everyone off, take a deep breath.  This is an honest question and something I truly don’t understand.  There is no age, race, or car type bias here either.  I have personally witnessed this behavior by all flavors.

The situation is this: the person is cruising along in the left lane of ANY road with more than one lane and other drivers are whizzing by them on the right consistently.  Not just one person passing, but essentially and endless stream of cars passing them.  Yet that person just continues at their desired speed like nobody else exists.

I am NOT suggesting they are doing anything illegal at all.  So put that flame away too.  But at the end of the day, even if they are doing exactly the speed limit with their legal rights, they really are a hazard.  And this is just magnified if it is rush hour.

So if I had the opportunity to chat with this alleged person, I would simply ask WHY?  Why were you in the left lane to begin with if you were only going to do the speed limit?  Or why didn’t you move over when you could see all the cars coming up behind you and then going around you?  Or maybe that’s it?  They never noticed it at all.  Which would actually scare me even more.

Is it an entitlement thing?  Do they think they are actually helping control the speed of other drivers?   Maybe a public service of sorts?  Is this a vengeance thing as they are angry at drivers that speed?   Or are they just in their own little world and don’t even notice everyone driving around them?   Or maybe they do notice but don’t think it’s an issue?

I honesty do not know.  Hence the above questions and my justifiable desire for at least $10 million taxpayer dollars to research this.

Will this be the first question that comes up at the next Presidential debate?  Or do they save this one until the end since it is clearly a National issue?

I can’t wait to travel to all of our great States to do this groundbreaking research.   Imagine what the answer to this problem will do for our GDP.

Actually – maybe I should go to the UN with a request for $250M as this HAS to be a worldwide issue.

Imagine the possibilities here.  And the frequent flyer miles.

God bless…

  • Cynthia

    I will answer your question. Why?? Because the speed limit is 65 not 100!!! It is the safest lane. No merging traffic or pepole like u weaving in and out playing musical chair so that I am in a constant state of Fear. I only have to worry about one asshole next to me. If people would leave earlier they would not be in such a hurry and wondering why I am in the left hand lane. 😀

    • Dave

      Im travelling faster to get to the airport to ready the plane for a life saving mission be it a child or a mother or father involved in some type of accident that requires urgent response to save thier life. On the other side im traveling faster to arrive at the airport to ready the plane to meet a surgical team and fly them to another location to harvest the life saving organs of a dying mother or father of children or a child no matter the age. I am not allowed to have flashing lights to encourage a left lane hog to move over. I only ask to stay out of the left lane or move along so as to not block all three lanes so i can fo my job.

  • Timm

    Hey Joe…this is an easy one. No research needed. They’re all clueless morons deserving of our scorn and any number of obscene gestures😁

  • Greg Loyd

    OH BOY, DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THIS. Seeing as I drive the interstate for 100-200 miles almost every day, this is a subject that can really light me up. So I will bow out of getting too involved with this one. I am with your thoughts 100%. I could really rant & rave about this but since I am not driving anymore today, I am going to just have some beers until I calm down. Good thing Busch makes a 30 pack. 🙂

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